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In Home Sampling

Apollo is proud to offer you the most dynamic and enjoyable wine education in the comfort of your own home. Assemble up to 12 people and we will design a wine education or tasting experience tailored to your interest in wine.

Wine Tasting FAQ's

Where are these tasting's held?
Tasting's are conducted anywhere in Southern Minnesota the customer desires (e.g., private homes, residential clubhouses).

How are the wines chosen?
This is a joint decision between the host and the Apollo staff member who will be conducting the tasting. It is based on one or more of the following factors:

  1. The theme of the tasting.
  2. The taste preferences and experience of the host and guests.
  3. The foods being served.
  4. The budget as decided by the host.

What about glassware?
Apollo will supply up to 72 glasses, 36 red and 36 white. We use Spiegelau Vino Grande series glasses, because the proper glass is essential to the enjoyment of the wine.

What does the host have to provide?
Pitchers of water, bread and/or crackers are essential but not mandatory. A few dump buckets are also necessary.

How many wines are tasted?
No less than four and no more than eight.

How long does a tasting last?
4-5 wines, about one hour. 6-8 wines one to two hours will be needed.

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